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When Margherita left the Academy of Fine Art in Venice, she swapped canvases for blank walls, cars and furniture. Her art is often expansive and physical, involving ladders and nail guns, paint smudged across her face and forearms. But as well as the big projects there is the quiet rescue of things too. Growing up in Friuli, Italy, it was fragments of mediterranean tiles that caught her eye. ‘I always felt really strongly about rejected things,’ she says. When travelling, she takes whatever she finds along the way and remakes it beautiful. ‘Then they are precious.’ she says looking wide-eyed at the art around her, ‘you can feel it in these objects.’ Margherita manages the Reclaimers shop in the Thistle Centre, and also the team of makers that volunteer and sell their work there. They discuss each rescued item until someone agrees to make the transformation. ‘It feels like you’re revamping yourself a little too,’ she says. It’s why they’re running workshops so that others can join in. Imagine such colour and community returning to our shopping centres. Renowned muralist Diego Rivera once said that an artist is a soldier of the revolution. And it does feel like a gentle revolution is beginning.

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