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It seems improbable that from a frigid warehouse on a quiet backstreet of an industrial estate, Kate Hamilton has built such a far-sighted community. She bites her lip looking up at the roof, still learning the quirks and creaks of a building that comes to life in odd ways: the ceiling fans that unexpectedly burst into action when the sun comes out, or the rain of condensation that falls in the winter. Like everything else at the ReUse Hub, she nurtures and coaxes it along with love, finding creative ways to solve problems. ‘Don’t buy Wet Floor signs,’ she told the staff. ‘Whatever is here, use it, we’ve got enough.’ And so they did. On the night before opening, everyone came in, kids and partners too. Fuelled by pizza they worked late to get it ready and by morning, great arches of fairy lights crossed the ceiling and a treasure-trove of beautifully curated pre-loved items was laid out ready for sale. But it’s grown into something much bigger since. Kids zoom up and down on scooters, rifle delightedly through toys and games, people hang out and chat, collectives run workshops. It’s joyful, safe, and visionary. And Kate built that - built the team that built that. As she says, ‘One way or t’other, we’ll change the world.’

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