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This is what Katy believes in. Her faith lies in people, communities, in stewarding well, minimising impact and making conscious decisions. She believes in fun too: dungaree Thursdays, an open mic night perhaps, maybe even a ReUse Hub band. She wants to learn all the instruments - she already plays drums, guitar, bass, and a little bit of piano - but so far she’s stopped herself from buying more. ‘They all come with stories,’ she says. People regularly bring in instruments that belonged to someone in the family, just wanting them to be played again. Currently, a marvellously shabby grand piano sits just inside the doorway. Give Us A Tune, invites the sign. And people do. The acoustics in this old warehouse are not bad either. One of Katy’s job is to take care of volunteers. Some arrive thinking they have nothing to offer, but when they see they have skills that no-one else can bring, ‘that’s the moment!’ she says, squeezing a gap between her finger and thumb as she speaks. Many go on to take up paid jobs. Her other role is marketing, running the social media accounts and building the customer community. ‘But,’ she asks, ‘how do we communicate the value of what we do here?’ Value. ‘It’s more than sofas.’

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