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Martin started making and restoring walking sticks when he began to need one but couldn’t find a stick he liked. Now he has several dozen and continues to revamp old and unwanted items, and is happy to make them to order.

Martin can produce sticks of any style, size and colour. He also makes wooden plinths for displaying photo and picture frames. All items can be personalised and monogrammed. He is happy to accept commissions.

He also loves a challenge, and is often challenged by colleagues at the Hub to recycle odd items into useful objects. This has resulted in a number of beautiful clocks made from hand-cut birch logs; hanging rails made from old golf clubs, table legs, walking-sticks and tree branches; bookends; coasters; outdoor drinks cabinets; pencil holders; candle stands; and more. All can be personalised and Martin is more than happy to discuss his work with anyone who is interested.

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