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Louise dives into the mountains of clothes occasionally surfacing with something that has a caught her keen eye. This mining is a love-hate thing for Louise. Hate because it is endless; sweat-shops and factories churn it out faster than we can even throw it away, though if it is clean, the pockets and buttons are still checked and it is neatly folded. But there is love too. Everyone gets the same service here, whether they buy second-hand because they hate waste, or because they are in need. And within the mountains there are precious gems, from all over the world: clothes that make her smile, rare clothes, brand new with-the-tags-still-on clothes. She used to arrange flowers, but now she arranges gems and this is what makes the ReUse Hub sing with life. ‘We sometimes see people that have had a difficult time,’ she says, ‘and we can’t change that, but we can make their day a tiny bit better. And you don’t get that in ordinary retail work.’

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