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Welcome to Stirling Library of Things, your one-stop shop for planet-friendly leisure hire. Whether you’re looking to explore Stirling’s wonderful countryside or relax indoors with some family games, or both, our growing library of things offers an affordable, fuss-free way to hire. 

From wet suits and paddleboards to rainy-day packs and popcorn makers, there’s something for everyone. 

What's it all about?

Earlier this year, our team at Stirling Reuse Hub successfully secured funding from Circular Communities Scotland’s Share and Repair Network Tourism Fund for our leisure-based Library of Things project, designed to increase sustainability in tourism in our area.


The fund, which was commissioned by Zero Waste Scotland aims to encourage share, repair, or reuse to open possibilities for a more circular approach: reducing the consumption of new goods; avoiding the purchase of goods for single use and even helping effect behaviour-change.


You can click on these links to find out more Circular Communities Scotland and Zero Waste Scotland.

Our Library is run across multiple locations so we can arrange, where possible, to get the items to the most convenient place for you. 

If you have any questions for the Library of Things, please contact us on

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